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Revenue / Operating Capital

Revenue Base Funding Service by As-Is Capital Solutions can help finance and expand your business.  This is the easiest way to gain access to capital for growing businesses!

Created to support small and medium-sized businesses, every account comes with a dedicated account manager to ensure that your experience is seamless, and your business is financed throughout its growing stages.

Our service allows business owners to make the business decisions whether it’s additional advertising budget, better product design, investments, hiring the right people, improving inventory, or capital expenditure.

We are flexible

As-Is Capital Solutions provides flexible option for businesses seeking additional operating capital. Rates range from 1.19x to 1.49x of your needed funds based on how soon funds is returned in full.


The Benefits of Additional Operating Capital

Imagine having an additional $100,000 or even $1 million in your business bank account.

What would that enable you to do for the company?

Amongst the many benefits of having additional
operating capital available are having extra money for reserves, expansion, additional inventory, hiring employees, and overall flexibility.


According to Investopedia.com, one of the biggest reasons a company fails is because they fail to overcome financial hurdles that will inevitably occur.

Whether that be legal issues, employee turnover, payroll, marketing costs, or economic downturns, all businesses will face unexpected financial obstacles. Having access to additional operating capital is an easy solution for problems that will occur.


Inventory & Expansion

Perhaps your company is thriving, introducing a new kind of obstacle – growing pains. Companies that are growing faster than they have resources often need access to capital to bridge the gap between revenue and purchasing more inventory to support growing sales.

In addition, many companies have ambitions to expand their product offering but need capital to launch their new line of products. Regardless of your need, having access to business operating capital can help accelerate the process of expanding your company.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average number of jobs a person has in their lifetime is between 12 and 13. Suffice it to say that retaining employees and attracting top talent is critical when building a thriving company.

Of course, each scenario is different, but there are certainly times when a company needs to consider giving its current employees a raise, or they need to hire more employees to support the recent growth. Access to the operating capital allows your company to flourish during such times.



The laundry list of reasons why having access to more operating capital is necessary is endless.

But, more than anything, it provides flexibility to manage your business regardless of what obstacle or opportunity comes your way.